Upgrade Instruction

Upgrade process is very easy and similar to installation process. Before uprading the application we strongly recommend to backup all of application files and database.

Please read the following step-by-step guide to upgrade your app.

  • Get database credentials

    Open /app/config/db.config.php file in your current installation. Then copy your database credentials credentials to the safe place. You'll need them soon.

  • Copy Crypto Key

    Open /app/config/config.php file in your current installation. Copy the value of CRYPTO_KEY constant to the safe place. You'll need it soon.

  • Remove old files

    Remove all application files from your server. Don't make any changes to your database.

  • Upload and Extract

    Upload new zip archive file to your server and extract all of its content to your old application directory.

    Please note that some hosting providers don't allow to extract .htaccess files from zip archive. There are two .htaccess files in archive file. One of them in root directory, another in /app directory. Please make sure both of these files has been extracted.
  • Navigate to installation page

    Navigate to your website address. You should be redirected to installation page.

  • Start Installation

    On installation page click Start Installation button. And check if you server is configured correctly to run the application. If everything is alright, then you should see Next button at the bottom of page. Click it!

  • Purchase Code, Installation mode

    At this step you should be asked several questions. First include your purchase code. Next question should be installation mode. It could be either clean installation or uprade from previous version(s). This guide is intended for upgrading from previous version(s). So select "Yes, Upgade from version X.X" from the dropdown list. X.X is the version which is was installed on your server just before removing the app files in step 3. If you want to do clean installion then have a look at Installation guide.

  • Crypto Key and Database Details

    Enter the Crypto Key that you've copied in step 2 and database credentials that you've copied in step 1

  • Finish Installation

    Click Finish Installation button. If everythig went OK, you'll see success messae after few seconds.


During the installation process sometimes you might get an error. Generally detailed description about the error should be displayed.

If you're getting Unexpected error occured! then most likely your server configuration doesn't match application requirement. At this case, you should have a look at PHP error log for more information about the error.