Dropbox Integration

NextPost allows you post directly from your Dropbox account. To enable Dropbox integration you just need Dropbox API key.

Read the following step-by-step guide to learn how to get your Dropbox API key

  1. Go to: http://dropbox.com/developers
  2. Click Create you app
  3. Choose Dropbox API
  4. Choose Full dropbox
  5. Choose any name for your Dropbox API. For ex: Nextpost.
  6. Click Create App
  7. Scroll down to Chooser/Saver domains section. Add you domain address. Please note that this is name of your domain. There is no need to include connection protocol (http:// or https://) before domain name. If you’ve installed Nextpost app in subdirectory then path to this subdirectory also must be ignored. Just enter the domain name.
  8. Scroll to the Api Key section and copy API key for your application
  9. Open your NextPost app with administrative account and navigate to the Dropbox section page in Settings page
  10. Enter the key you get from step 8 and click save. That is all.

How to video

This is a how to video for getting Dropbox API key